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With over twenty years’ experience in many aspects of technology and project management, we bring a wealth of technical and practical knowledge that works to your advantage in providing the most suitable solutions for your business and budget.

Being an SME ourselves, we understand the daily challenges of running a small business. Our focus is on finding the best possible solution to your digital dilemma in the most cost-effective way possible to bring true benefit to your business.


Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork …it seems never-ending. Complying with legislation in Health & Safety, Data Protection and Financial reporting can be overwhelming. We take a practical approach to reducing paperwork, digitising workflows and helping SMEs get to grips with their obligations, managing change with staff in a way that inspires confidence.


Public procurement is a challenging process. Take the headache out of preparing your tender submission.  We can prepare your pre-qualification portfolio with you as well as assisting to pull the full submisssion together. With experience in preparing tenders for issue in the public sector and in preparing responses in the private sector, we know what is involved in preparing a successful bid.


Digital Dilemma

We like a challenge! If you have a problem in your business that requires a technology-based solution but are not sure what that exact solution is or how to go about it, then we would love to help you figure it out. We have experience in many different situations outside the standard office environment and are happy to assess any technology related problem in any location. Safe Pass Certified.

Online Presence

Have you got a website? Is social media for you?  How can social media help your business? We can advise on an appropriate approach for your business and get you up and running. We provide basic brochure websites upto multi-functional interactive websites linked to social media.


Community is at the heart of our business. Since inception, we have been involved in community-based projects, events and festivals, providing websites, social media, posters, flyers, online ticketing through third-party providers and various promotional activities and support on the day at the events themselves.

Digital Strategy

With an increasing amount of business done online, having a digtial strategy in place for your business is vital. Digital strategy not only includes online presence but also the tools and systems in place in your business. Include technology in your business plan. Make that plan work for you.

I just wanted the opportunity to congratulate you on the wonderful work you did on the website. I was lucky to be there at the event and it was a delight to be able to find out so much about it all before I arrived (via the website).It was and still is a pleasure to be able to access all the relevant information about what turned out to be such a successful weekend via such a pleasantly designed site. I am sure all the writers featured have been delighted too. There was clearly a massive amount of work involved. I have consequently given the site details to multiple people and this is because of the  great job you did. I do hope many people will be made aware of who the designer was who made such a big contribution to how well publicised the weekend was. All the very best with your future work. There is clearly a need for a talent like yours out there all over the country.

Annie Shannon

Audience Member, Write By the Sea

Let us help digitise your business

Get more from technology. Leverage the hardware and software your own to work for you. Increase your sales by putting your business online,  increasing your digital footprint.

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