Get present online straight away with a dedicated professional online window. 

This package provides a start-up site to get you live and present online.

The website provided is a one-page brochure website with all the features required to create an online presence for your business and is a suitable solution for many SMEs. It also allows for future expansion.

The website will be a brochure for your business maintained by the designer for you – one less thing for you to worry about!

This package also includes a bonus 6-month standard webcare plan.





 Take your business to the next level online with our Business Bright package which offers a feature-rich modern layout to advance your business.

This package also includes:

  • Feature inclusion: Select 3 features to be included
  • Content Management site which you can edit yourself in the future
  • Access & training required as per the designer

The site will be a brochure for your business maintained by the designer for you – one less thing for you to worry about! This package also includes a bonus 12-month standard webcare plan.




Ideal if you wish to customise your online presence with a really unique site to reflect your business or if you need specific features for a specific purpose. Our custom-built sites can include as required:

  • Video inclusion to communicate your business, your service and your product
  • Ecommerce if/as required
  • Feature inclusion: as per your requirements
  • Specific Requested feature\integration to a specific system
  • Customise other business systems to be integrated to operate efficiently with or as part of your customised site
  • Dedicated time allocation for your customised business site design
  • Including 12 month advanced webcare package
  • Timeline approx: 3 to 6 mths for complete dependent on work required
Get your business live online for just €650 
Take your business to the next level online for just€1,500
Pricing as per requirements and available post initial consultation

Included as standard with all our websites

Initial design consultation with the designer
Domain hosting if required
Single flow page website
Responsive, mobile-friendly website
Google map inclusion to help your ideal customers find you
An enquiry form which will allow visitors to enquire straight away
Your own images to be included to deliver what you do, where and who you are
We have a bank of images which we can use if required
We invite you to provide your own business branding & logo
Social media links to keep you connected with online visitors
Dedicated time allocation for your site design


What the….?

Yes, you may well ask, what is a WebCare Plan?

Websites are like buying a car …. they require on-going maintenance on a regular basis to keep them in good condition.

Our WebCare Plans cover software updates, backups, security and protection against spam and other malware attacks. While no system is 100% secure, we do our best to ensure your website is online 24/7 through regular monitoring and maintenance.

What about SEO? As part of our development process and WebCare Plans, we ensure that your website is optimized for organic SEO through keywords, good practice and the latest trends in that area.

What about content? Our basic WebCare Plan includes minor updates such as price changes or opening hours or replacing images. Our advanced WebCare Plans include more substantial or regular content updates as required. Find out more>>


Our websites are all developed in WordPress. We use various themes but primarily Divi by Elegant Themes. Why? Simply because we love it. It is simple, easy to use and can provide advanced functionality with a professional look and feel. It is adaptable and allows for changes to be made quickly and easily. All of which means we can deliver a quality product to you that you can use with confidence to promote your business and reach your target customer.  You have the option of updating the site yourself or letting us manage it for you. Or a bit of both. Read more about this in our WebCare Plans.

Make Technology Work For You

Put your business online. Increase your digital footprint. Increase your sales. Let us help you on your way.

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